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High Risk Needs Customized Coverage

We understand the complextities of rigging and crane insurance in Miami

High risk is always present with crane, rigging, construction and heavy equipment companies and safety is critical. Insure Safe takes a unique approach with crane rental companies — customized coverage, regional risk management and innovative technology to keep the focus on safety.

Insure Safe is Your Crane Insurance Expert. Lets us help you insure your crane & Rigging Business

Backed by several A+ rated partner carriers and our unsurpassed service team, Insure Safe exclusive rigging, steel erectors, and miami crane insurance program is here to protect your business from the bidding/contract phase of any project through your completed work.


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Insure Safe’s Heavy Construction Division believes that contractual review should always be a routine part of your rigging, steel erector, and crane insurance program. More often than not, contractors are signing contracts and entering into agreements that are severely shifting the risk (for both your work and someone else’s) from the General Contractor to the crane company, rigger, or steel erector, which results in unfair litigation. Matching insurance products & risk management practices allows you, the business owner, to make an informed decision and accurate bid on each and every job.

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